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Thundercats Are Go: Betchyu’s In The App Store

Today the Betchyu team just launched their mobile iOS application on the Apple App Store. So given the fact that Betchyu is now “live”, I thought that I would write a little about what the app does and what makes it unique.

Betchyu is a mobile application that takes self-improvement to a whole new level. When you set wellness goals such as weight loss goals or smoking goals ( to quit! that is) Betchyu lets you invite your friends to bet against you, employing the oldest trick in the book, “the double dog dare”.

So how does this work? Lets say that you want to lose 5 pounds in 30 days. When you create that goal on Betchyu, you decide what you want to put on the line (i.e. a $20 amazon gift card). The last step is to invite your facebook friends to to bet against you. If you succeed in your goal, your friends each owe you the $20 gift card. But if you fail, you owe the gift card to each friend. Betchyu’s payout system takes care of the whole transaction process for you.

It is so easy for people to set goals for ourselves, but so much harder to achieve them. We figured that people needed a stronger motivating force and there is nothing more motivating than “putting money where your mouth it.”

Most importantly, we understand that personal change does not happen in isolation. To effectively change, it is important that your surrounding network be engaged in your personal transformation. A computer system is incapable of keeping people accountable in the long run. For people to really alter their habits, these changes need to be grounded in interpersonal relationships. Thus at Betchyu, we aim to make the self-improvement process a social experience.

Betchyu is thus the perfect app to help you get fit or shed some pounds. Using Betchyu will not only make the experience a lot more enjoyable, but will also make sure you follow through on what you set out to do.

We hope you download the app and begin your journey to a fit and healthy life. We would love to hear about any feedback that you may have to make Betchyu better.


Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!

Working hard @ Betchyu World Headquarters.

Good thing we aren’t slacking off!

Betchyu’s Launch gets some press from the Plain Dealer. #feelingthelove

A Sneak Peak!

I’m sure that you’ve been wondering what the new app looks like. Well today is your lucky day. Here are a few screenshots to show how the app works.







Hard at work for the Launch!

Don’t worry. Daniel (Betchyu’s co-founder & CTO) hasn’t decided to pursue a career as a harpist just yet.

Launch Party

Launch Party

Hey Everyone! We are so excited to announce that after tons of hard work, we are launching Betchyu! You are all invited to our launch party on the 15th of July!

Waking Up: You’re Doing It Wrong

To all of you morning people, who gingerly wake up for that 5am jog. please stop reading this post.

This post is dedicated to the rest of us. Its for those unfortunate souls who have developed a deep and affectionate love of the snooze button; the ones who daydream about dreaming. I definitely fall into this category. That’s right; today we’re addressing that pesky challenge of waking up on time.



1)      Get an alarm clock that actually works: I recommend Step Out Of Bed! (for iOS) Wake Me Up! (for android). These apps integrate with your mobile phone’s step counter. They won’t shut up until you walk a certain number of steps. They’ll get you out of bed and get your blood pumping. They are as effective as they are annoying.


2)      Drink some caffeine: If you’re sluggish in the morning, a strong cup of coffee can boost cognitive and physical performance by up to 30 percent within 15 minutes.  Cuisinart has a programmable coffee makers that you can set to brew while you’re still asleep. But don’t get crazy now; too much caffeine may disrupt your next night’s sleep.


3)      Play that funky music: That’s right, if you want to wake up, you’ve got to turn up the volume. Christopher Hudspeth (@thoughtcatalog) has a good list to help you get started.


4)     Let the Sun shine: Even with your eyes closed, it turns out that your neurons respond to natural light by waking you up. If you live in a dark room, think about purchasing a dawn simulator.   Light Therapy Products have lamps that can fill your room with the good light when you need it.

5)     Get the temperature right! If you’ve ever felt sleepy by sitting in a toasty office, you’ll know that warm temperature leads to drowsiness. By turning down the temperature, you’ll wake up in no time. I recommend that you go with NestThese guys make thermostats that are smarter than your 5 year old kid.  Program Nest to lower your room’s temperature in the morning so that you get out of bed.


6)     Get a good nights sleep: None of the above recommendations will make any difference if you’re running on 4 hours of sleep. You should get into a routine each night before bed-time.  I like to read before heading to bed—remember not to read from a computer screen (artificial light will keep you up). This routine will help your body know when its time for bed.

Do you have any other tips of your own? Add your tricks in the comments section and help me make this a more comprehensive list.



6 Tips To Motivate Yourself After A Long Day

We’ve all been there. Those slow days when you get back from work and just want to pound Cheetos and sit in front of the Buzzfeed for eternity.


Not a pretty sight

When we’re in these slumps it’s incredibly hard to get motivated to do anything. If your struggling to get off the couch to take the dog for a walk, forget about that 5-mile run.  The day flies by, and you end up feeling bloated, lazy, and worst of all, disappointed in yourself. Even though deep inside you know that you would be happier if you were active, the magnetic force of veg mode is overpowering. New research has even demonstrated that there’s is a link between your genetic makeup and your level of laziness.


You might think that all is lost; that the laziness gene sentences you to an eternity of CSI Miami and crappy sequels.  BUT FEAR NOT! There is yet a glimmer of hope. We can beat out our biology. Here are some tricks to help you get off the couch and get moving

1)     Play Some Jams: music is a great way to change the pace after a rough day. Nothing like Eye of the Tiger to take the edge off. The trick here is to choose the right tunes. As a rule of thumb, do not listen to Elliot Smith. It will make you lazy AND depressed.

2)     Go Back to “Why”:  If you’re coming up with excuses as to why you shouldn’t get up, take a moment to zoom out and think about the core reason why you want to be active. Answering that question will help drive you through the hard times.

3)     Break it Down: Instead of letting all the mass of looming things weigh you down, hone in on one goal and focus on that. Multitasking is overwhelming and lowers your productivity

4)     Join a Sports League: This might be my personal favorite trick to getting active. There’s no way you’ll laze around when you’ve got a team full of friends counting on you to be at the game.

5)     Develop a Mantra:  Pick a few statements that inspire and motivate you. If you’re struggling to find one, I’d even recommend you look at those derpy motivational posters.


6)  Do it NOW: Just getting started is often the biggest barrier to productivity. Once you get the ball rolling on a goal, the mind wants to feel a sense of completion.  The result is that you get a poke whenever you stop making progress on a goal.

 So what are you waiting for? Get off your butt and get moving.