6 Tips To Motivate Yourself After A Long Day

We’ve all been there. Those slow days when you get back from work and just want to pound Cheetos and sit in front of the Buzzfeed for eternity.


Not a pretty sight

When we’re in these slumps it’s incredibly hard to get motivated to do anything. If your struggling to get off the couch to take the dog for a walk, forget about that 5-mile run.  The day flies by, and you end up feeling bloated, lazy, and worst of all, disappointed in yourself. Even though deep inside you know that you would be happier if you were active, the magnetic force of veg mode is overpowering. New research has even demonstrated that there’s is a link between your genetic makeup and your level of laziness.


You might think that all is lost; that the laziness gene sentences you to an eternity of CSI Miami and crappy sequels.  BUT FEAR NOT! There is yet a glimmer of hope. We can beat out our biology. Here are some tricks to help you get off the couch and get moving

1)     Play Some Jams: music is a great way to change the pace after a rough day. Nothing like Eye of the Tiger to take the edge off. The trick here is to choose the right tunes. As a rule of thumb, do not listen to Elliot Smith. It will make you lazy AND depressed.

2)     Go Back to “Why”:  If you’re coming up with excuses as to why you shouldn’t get up, take a moment to zoom out and think about the core reason why you want to be active. Answering that question will help drive you through the hard times.

3)     Break it Down: Instead of letting all the mass of looming things weigh you down, hone in on one goal and focus on that. Multitasking is overwhelming and lowers your productivity

4)     Join a Sports League: This might be my personal favorite trick to getting active. There’s no way you’ll laze around when you’ve got a team full of friends counting on you to be at the game.

5)     Develop a Mantra:  Pick a few statements that inspire and motivate you. If you’re struggling to find one, I’d even recommend you look at those derpy motivational posters.


6)  Do it NOW: Just getting started is often the biggest barrier to productivity. Once you get the ball rolling on a goal, the mind wants to feel a sense of completion.  The result is that you get a poke whenever you stop making progress on a goal.

 So what are you waiting for? Get off your butt and get moving.


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