Waking Up: You’re Doing It Wrong

To all of you morning people, who gingerly wake up for that 5am jog. please stop reading this post.

This post is dedicated to the rest of us. Its for those unfortunate souls who have developed a deep and affectionate love of the snooze button; the ones who daydream about dreaming. I definitely fall into this category. That’s right; today we’re addressing that pesky challenge of waking up on time.



1)      Get an alarm clock that actually works: I recommend Step Out Of Bed! (for iOS) Wake Me Up! (for android). These apps integrate with your mobile phone’s step counter. They won’t shut up until you walk a certain number of steps. They’ll get you out of bed and get your blood pumping. They are as effective as they are annoying.


2)      Drink some caffeine: If you’re sluggish in the morning, a strong cup of coffee can boost cognitive and physical performance by up to 30 percent within 15 minutes.  Cuisinart has a programmable coffee makers that you can set to brew while you’re still asleep. But don’t get crazy now; too much caffeine may disrupt your next night’s sleep.


3)      Play that funky music: That’s right, if you want to wake up, you’ve got to turn up the volume. Christopher Hudspeth (@thoughtcatalog) has a good list to help you get started.


4)     Let the Sun shine: Even with your eyes closed, it turns out that your neurons respond to natural light by waking you up. If you live in a dark room, think about purchasing a dawn simulator.   Light Therapy Products have lamps that can fill your room with the good light when you need it.

5)     Get the temperature right! If you’ve ever felt sleepy by sitting in a toasty office, you’ll know that warm temperature leads to drowsiness. By turning down the temperature, you’ll wake up in no time. I recommend that you go with NestThese guys make thermostats that are smarter than your 5 year old kid.  Program Nest to lower your room’s temperature in the morning so that you get out of bed.


6)     Get a good nights sleep: None of the above recommendations will make any difference if you’re running on 4 hours of sleep. You should get into a routine each night before bed-time.  I like to read before heading to bed—remember not to read from a computer screen (artificial light will keep you up). This routine will help your body know when its time for bed.

Do you have any other tips of your own? Add your tricks in the comments section and help me make this a more comprehensive list.




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